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Runners Taking Drastic Measures to Communicate What’s Important

I was excited to hear about Doug Masiuk, the first type I diabetic to run coast to coast.  Congratulations Doug on your successful trans-american run and most importantly reaching so many of us with your message about Type I Diabetes!  Last year I volunteered to help out members of the Godby family run across the US to promote healthy living and to raise awareness of natural medicine.  I’d like to tell you a bit about my encounter with them.  They ran through my hometown of Columbus, Ohio the weekend of the Columbus Marathon which gave them the opportunity to meet loads of runners.  That night the support team pulled their gigantic RV snuggly into a parking space behind my parent’s barn.  I thought they would never get it out of there.  My stepmother Mary cooked up a feast and we gathered around the table for dinner.  We were in near disbelief as the whole crew filled the house with their overflowing enthusiasm and spirit.  Dr Godby really impressed my father when he explained that his approach to Type II Diabetes included assessing the patient’s level of gratitude in their life.  They way my Dad understood it, gratitude fills us in a way that makes us feel sufficient, without need for excess.  Later, our parents talked social justice and the boys listened to Bob Dylan records while resting on the couch.  Their sports sports recovery specialist, Michael Gillan, never rested, he was busy healing the aching legs of my aunt Rosie, a nurse, who spends her days on her feet.  Michael commented that nurse’s legs feel very much like long distance runners at the end of the day.  Well the evening couldn’t have been more memorable for my family and myself.  Unfortunately The Run had a terrible night’s sleep because the battery on the carbon monoxide detector went out, and since it remained hidden despite many searches by Dr Godby it continued to beep all night.  I was slow getting the eggs on in the morning and they barely got out the door fed.  The RV was indeed stuck, my Dad got the backhoe and chainsaw out to cut a wider path and eventually and they were on their way.  As they ran down Dutch Lane, the road I grew up on, it felt great to be connected to the rest of pavement they covered on that great adventure and all of the individuals that they spoke with about natural medicine, something so near and dear to my heart.  Please take the time to visit the website The Run: Moving Natural Medicine Forward and sign up for updates about 2013.