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New Patient? Here’s What to Expect:

Dr. Kirwin’s practice is offering both remote Naturopathic Consultations and outdoor Holistic Coaching to meet the needs of her patients.

All Naturopathic Consultations are virtual at this time and will be conducted over secure video for the first consultation and either via video or phone for follow up appointments. In-person appointments are available for outdoor Holistic Coaching only. 

If you’re new to the practice, initial appointments can be either remote naturopathic consultations or outdoor holistic consultations. See below for details on these different appointment types to determine which type best fits your needs.

In response to COVID-19 and the restrictions implemented to control it’s spread, Dr. Kirwin is only taking appointments virtually or outdoors at this time. If you have questions related to social distancing for the visit, please email Dr. Kirwin for more information at

Appointment Types

Naturopathic Consultations

An initial 90 minute naturopathic appointment includes a comprehensive look at dietary habits, lifestyle, medical background, and primary health concerns. You will receive an email asking you to fill out an online patient intake before the appointment. This comprehensive survey covers important medical information and is critical for Dr. Kirwin’s preparation for your consultation. Uncovering underlying causes of disease is like detective work, this is why Dr. Kirwin asks a lot of questions and takes detailed notes during your appointment. 

At the end of the appointment Dr. Kirwin will create an individualized plan which will include any necessary testing and referrals as well as directions for lifestyle and dietary changes, nutritional and herbal supplements, and or homeopathic remedies. This document is emailed to you in PDF form later the same day. Dietary supplements, topical applications, and some supplies, are available through an online dispensary called Wellevate. You will receive an invitation to this site after your appointment. 

Follow up appointments are booked approximately every 3-6 weeks to assess your progress, review lab results, and provide instructions for advancing through your wellness protocols. Visit duration for follow ups depends on the scope of the visit and is usually 20, 40, or 60 minutes.

Dr. Kirwin is currently only offering virtual Naturopathic consultations. These appointments will be over video for the initial consultation, and either video or phone for follow ups.

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Pediatric Naturopathic Consultations

Dr. Kirwin offers pediatric care for skin, digestive, and hormonal complaints in children under age 13. Please book an adult naturopathic appointment for your child over age 13.  

Appointments are similar to adult’s but are briefer and are adapted to include your child in the process to the extent that they are able to be involved. Dr. Kirwin may discuss lifestyle or dietary changes and supplements, but the primary modality used is homeopathic medicine as it is readily available, easy to administer to children, and has an excellent safety profile. 

Routine well-child check-ups are not available at this time for children who are not established patients. Like other virtual appointments, these will be done over video call for the initial meeting and then through either video or phone for follow ups.

An initial appointment will be 60 minutes, and follow up appointments can be 20 or 40 minutes. You can choose whichever time best suits your child’s needs. 

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Holistic Coaching

A holistic mind/body consultation explores areas where mind and body are not fully integrated and how this dynamic may be impacting your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

To read more about the Mind-Body approach read our Naturopathic Medicine page.

At the outset Dr. Kirwin asks clients to set an intention and then spend a few minutes in silence to acknowledge the presence of nature. You will have time to reflect on what was gathered from this mind/body journey, after which you may be asked how you would like to respond to what you have learned. Notes from this part of the conversation will be emailed to you in a digital document by Dr. Kirwin later the same day. Preference for your healing intention, approaches, and pace should be communicated to Dr Kirwin at the outset and anytime they change in the course of the appointment. Always remember, you, your coach, and nature are on the same team

Holistic coaching appointments are approximately 60 minutes in length and can be held remotely or in-person at various outdoor locations. Outdoor appointments are typically a “walk and talk” along various paved or dirt paths in the Granville area. Seated outdoor appointments can be arranged in advance as well. 

Dr. Kirwin is not a therapist and does not provide therapy during these appointments, they are not appropriate for primary care of mental health disorders. Naturopathic approaches to your condition will not be discussed in detail during mind/body coaching appointments.

Social distancing can be observed in all outdoor appointments. If you wish to both wear face masks during the appointment as well, please let Dr. Kirwin know in advance. 

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